Our Mission

To approach in love, share the gospel, and provide resources for the needy and poor.

Our Vision

To show the love of Jesus Christ to those in need.

What is “331”?

331 represents the gospel in numbers:

3 Nails – Jesus died on the cross for us
3 Days – Jesus rose from the grave in 3 days
1 Way to God – If we accept Jesus as our savior we will have eternal life

Our Family

331 Ministries

We began 331 Ministries as a family as a way to put our faith into practice in our local community. The story began in 2013, when we felt compelled to help the weak and needy that we run into on the streets as we go about our daily lives. We provided them with a donation and told them that Jesus wanted to give this to you. Since then it has evolved into a more proactive ministry to include Jesus Loves You cards. We witnessed a brother in Christ from Texas do this while he visited us and thought it was a wonderful idea and a way to non-judgmentally spread the Word. While our family is out together, we keep our eyes open for people who we think could use a reminder that Jesus, and others, love and support them in their times of need. We include a small donation – just something to help that person through the day(s) to go along with the card. The reactions to our gift are heart-warming, and to see someone read the card is especially compelling. We created 331 Ministries to encourage others to join in our efforts and to find a way to put their own faith into practice.

The song that inspired the name 331